About Demme Rae

Perfect skin? No such thing.

But we can give you your best skin! Healthy, glowing, beautiful.

The Demme Rae philosophy is that healthy skin is beautiful skin. We all have skin challenges, ranging from aging to pigmentation to acne and beyond. This is NORMAL and can unfortunately cause us to feel less confident in how our skin looks. Real skin, as opposed to all the filtered skin we see online daily, has imperfections, texture, pores, wrinkles – and that is ok! When we give our skin the ingredients it needs to function and repair it changes the game – providing skin radiance.

We want to give you your best skin and make it the healthiest it can be. Demme Rae Skincare provides a wide variety of products to address these various skin concerns and is formulated using active, proven ingredients that have delivered real results and skin transformations for years. The outcome? Healthy, vibrant skin at any age.

About the Founder

Shelly Demme is a Licensed Esthetician and founder of Demme Rae Skincare. With over a decade of experience in the skincare industry, Shelly has thousands of hands-on hours treating all types of skin types and conditions. Her practice has always been centered around empowering the skin to function at an optimal level, creating healthy, vibrant skin. Demme Rae was born in order to provide skin support at home for clients that would enhance in-office treatments. Shelly is passionate about helping her clients achieve their best skin and is so excited to share these products with you!